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“Hands down some of the best bbq I’ve ever had! I went with my family while vacationing in the area. Pulled pork was great. Brisket was great. Ribs were great. Sauces were great. Sides were great, too! Really glad we stopped in! Service was exceptional and friendly. No wonder there are so many awards they’ve won in the window!”
— Lauren, Urban Spoon
“We are from Atlanta and have a vacation home in Daytona and have been regular patrons of Smokeshak for years! Their BBQ is award winning for good reason – it’s delicious! Brisket is awesome, their homemade sauces are original and full of flavor and the owner and staff make you feel at home. Love the specials and the banana pudding! Can’t wait to try the special burgers next time too! When in the area – you must give this place a try – you too will be returning for more!”
— Reams Family, Urban Spoon
“I know that a lot of people consider Dustin’s and Sonny’s representative of good BBQ in this area, and it does have it’s place, but real BBQ is different. Real BBQ is what you’ll find at Smokeshack. Ribs, pulled pork, brisket (yes, real honest to god brisket), turkey and chicken. All prepared by champion competition BBQer’s (is that a real word?)
It’s all good. The sides are kind of unique and may be the only shortcoming. They only use their BBQ ovens to prepare the hot sides, so they all have a heavy smoke flavor. That’s great for the BBQ beans, not so much for the smoked rice and collard greens. The cole slaw is wonderful, with the surprising crunch of dill pickles.

— Jaxman, Urban Spoon
“Only one question comes to mind when looking up “bbq” in or around Daytona Beach… Why the HECK is there only 17 reviews for this place?!

I’m a huge fan of good bbq… and I’m not talking about commercialized, over-sauced, overly sweet “bar-be-que”. I’m talking about quality meats smoked just right with a nice selection of sauces which to accentuate the flavors and essence of the bbq. Simple, right?

When I was in town recently for the Rolex 24 at Daytona, I was looking for a different sort of food joint to experience, as I typically do whenever I’m out of town. My trusty Yelp app showed me this place had 5/5 stars and well, that was good enough for me to make my way.

Once I pulled into their parking lot and saw all the trophies of contests won by their fare… I knew I was in for a real treat.

Their brisket was so tender, I could have made precision cuts with a single chopstick like a skilled surgeon. The pulled pork wasn’t overly smoky, chewy, or tough… it just melted in your mouth with every bite. Portions were ample enough to keep me on my toes… in fact, had I not been living out of a suitcase in the hotel down the road I’d have definitely taken leftovers home with me.

Not since going to another bbq place in Kansas have I had corn nuggets, so it was a treat to see them on the menu as a side. And they were delicious and hot!

Service… the girls here were on top of their game and completely helpful and sweet. They didn’t hover over the table waiting for the slightest awkward glance toward the kitchen, nor did they ignore me. They implement a “sign” system by which to indicate to them that you need service, or don’t need service… either way, I still could tell they were attentive and professional.

The prices on their menu were far from abusive… in fact, after experiencing their quality and flavor I’d say it was right on par for what they asked for in coin.

Smoke Shack is one of those places that if I lived in Orlando, I would travel to once a week just to get my fix. Yes, it’s that good on my list of bbq restaurants.

I wish I had the opportunity to go back one last time before flying home, but you can bet that I’ll be back there again some day.

If you’re within 40 minutes, its worth a visit for those of you lucky enough to live in their proximity. If you’re closer than that, you really have no excuse. Give em a try!

Thank you, ladies… you truly made my trip worth while!!

— Duane, Yelp!